Hardware and software

Welcome to my USES page! πŸ› οΈ

Inspired by, I’ve curated my go-to hardware and software for optimal productivity.

Years of testing and tweaking have sharpened this toolkit, ready to crush any challenge that comes my way! πŸ’ͺ

My desk setup


  • Computer

    I am using MacBook M1 Pro 14"

  • Monitor

    Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming 34”

  • Light Bar

    Xiaomi Mi Light Bar

  • Monitor Mount

    Random Vesa desk mount (high duty for steadyness)

  • Phone

    iPhone 13

  • Watch

    Apple Watch SE

  • Headphones

    Bose NC700 (Noise Cancelling headphones)

  • Keyboard

    NuPhy Air75 with Wisteria switches

  • Mouse

    Logitech MX Master 3

  • Microphone

    Blue Yeti Nano

  • Boomarm

    Mozos SB39

  • Laptop stand

    Amazon basic laptop stand

  • Remote laptop stand

    For work on the go, I use a portable laptop stand

  • External drive

    Samsung T5 SSD for additional storage

Software stack

  • Browser

    Arc browser

  • Todo organisation

    Superlist is the most beatiful and most functional todo list I've ever encountered. Stole my heart completely.

  • Notes (Second Brain)

    I am using Notion to build my second brain and keep most of the knowledge

  • Calendar (Time management)

    Notion calendar is my main driver when it comes to calendar/time management

  • App Launcher

    Raycast is the most versatile piece of software, giving me productivity boost like no other (snippets, quicklinks, app launcher and soooo much more

  • Project management

    Linear is the faster and most dev-friendly project management tool ever created

  • Newsletter

    I am building my newsletter using Beehiiv - which is a great looking and super powerful newsletter building software

  • Coding IDE - I was always a fan of VSCode but Cursor is a fork of it, with cleaner UI and AI support via API Key

  • Terminal

    Warp is super fast (rust-based), AI-driven and has a built in command bar with notebooks.

  • Screencasting

    Screen Studio is by far the best piece of software when it comes to screen recording on macOS

  • Design

    Canva PRO

  • Automations is the home for my automations

  • Database

    Based on the usecase it's either Airtable or Smart Suite πŸ‘‡

  • Database 2

    Smart Suite is sometimes my database of choice when it comes to automations. Good alternative to Airtable.

  • Website builder for databases

    I often use Softr when I want to quickly show records from my Airtable/Smart Suite databases.

  • No-code website builder

    Dorik is my website builder of choice.

  • eSignatures

    eSignatures let's easily create contracts and sign them via API

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